Profile of the Teachers

Zareen Ali

Zarreen Ali is a professional in education with over 19 years of teaching experience at Karachi Grammar School. She is an M.A in English Literature from Chittagong University. At Mount Ida College, USA, Zarreen studied American Literature. Her interests lie in creative arts, reading and travelling.

Mahwash Ahmad

Mahwash has a bachelor’s degree from Karachi University. As a teacher, she feels the urge to develop children’s attention span and imagination through creative arts. She believes in discipline as a cornerstone for any progress and in instilling moral education. She is a proficient artist.

Sabuha Nawaz

Sabuha Nawaz started her teaching career in 1998 as a coordinator at a local private school. She has to her credit a B.Ed degree and an Advanced Diploma in School Management. She believes in taking initiative in providing students a pleasant and developmentally suitable learning environment. She was awarded a Leadership Excellence Award in 2009 in the field of education. Her interests lie in reading and research.