Health and Safety Policy

Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to protect all our school children within the school environment. It will be reviewed periodically and a revised copy will be shared with parents/guardians.

Health Procedures

  • Cigarette, paan, chalia, gutka, niswar etc. is not permitted anywhere on the school premises.
  • All cleaning products including bleach, toilet cleanser, polish, washing – liquid and any other cleaning products are kept in a locked cupboard, out of the reach of children. No cleaning products are stored in the toilets.
  • All sharp knives are stored in the kitchen, which is out of the reach of children.
  • Children’s snack boxes are kept in the lockers right outside their classrooms.
  • All children will bring their own snack and water. Milk or juices are highly discouraged. Parents will be encouraged to send healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, sandwiches etc. Sugary snacks and chocolates are not allowed. Exception to this is on a child’s birthday when parents can bring cake/sweets for their child’s birthday.
  • Children are encouraged to wash their hands before and after eating, after going to toilet, after playing with the sand etc. The reasons behind hand washing will be explained to the children and it will be made fun.

Hygiene Procedures

  • Cuts or sores will be kept covered with suitable dressing.
  • Crockery and cutlery will be washed in hot soapy water.
  • Diapers, paper towels and all soiled items will be bagged and disposed of.
  • Disposable gloves will be worn when carrying out first aid.
  • Blood splashed onto skin will be washed off completely.

First Aid

  • A first aid box will be maintained in the school at all times. All staff members should know where the box is kept.
  • Staff is not allowed to administer medicine to the children unless otherwise instructed by parents.
  • All staff must be aware of the procedure for taking a child to hospital.

Safety Procedures

  • Risk assessment of the school area is done on an ongoing basis. This is to ensure that the environment is the safest for children.
  • Toys and equipment will be checked regularly for malfunction.
  • There will be a guard on duty at least during the entire school day.
  • A group of parents must accompany the children on a school outing.
  • Each child wears a name tag on a school outing.


  • The front door of the school will remain locked during school times.
  • Visitors have to provide ID and sign in and out in the visitor’s book.
  • The children do not use stairs without adult supervision.
  • The children do not use the toilets without adult supervision.
  • The outdoor is secured with gates on both sides of the slope.

Fire Drill

The children will be taught what to do in case of fire. Each staff member will be familiar with the fire drill procedure.


  • All parents will be required to provide written permission for their child in order to take part in an outing.
  • The outing will be in the local area and for not more than 2 hours.
  • All risk assessment will be carried out before any outing.

Storage of Information

  • All documentation and records pertaining to children’s personal, sensitive and confidential information are kept in a locked cabinet in the Principal’s room.
  • Access to a child’s records is limited to the child’s class teacher and parents.
  • Attendance registers are sent to the Principal’s office every morning.